Title>Still Waters Run Deep

Thursday, January 18, 2007

So I was looking on google news today for something interesting, I know it’s been so long since I wrote. There is a proposal to do a movie about Richard McNair! That is so wild. Richard McNair! A movie star! Who would they get to play him? It would have to be Harrison Ford of course! No one else could pull off the sexy sultry look like Harrison! I love him too!
How can they do a movie though, when no one will know how it ends right now? And it’s not like they have Richard McNair around to ask for his account of his life’s events! That would be too funny! Poor Richard would be fuming if they portrayed him wrong! Which they of course would! But what could he do? Hire a lawyer to sue them? I think the FBI would likely take that chance just to catch him!
I thought I was excited about Prison Break starting up again! It’s seems so long I have actually stopped fanaticizing! I can’t wait. Maybe they will have prison break followed by the Richard McNair show on Monday nights! Too funny.

What is up with this weather? A few weeks ago I saw the devastation that took place in Stanley Park in Vancouver; tonight they said the West Coast Trail will not open in time. That is such a worry to us West coasters! Global warming is very scary! Crops in California ruined by ice! Not just frost, ice! Wouldn’t it be funny though if all the places like Hawaii and Jamaica suddenly got Canada and Alaska’s weather and we got there’s! Everyone in Alaska would be leaving there cars on all night to make it happen faster and everyone in Jamaica would be banned from using anything even remotely environmentally unfriendly!

Off for my run!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Where did the year go? I can’t believe we are already 2 days into 2007. I know I have sort of dropped the ball with blogging. I guess in some ways I am starting to feel weird about having all of my private thoughts out there on the internet for everyone to read. Only someone with way too much time on their hands is going to actually sit down and sort through the millions of blogs to find something worth responding to. Do I really want that someone in my life? Or even knowing about my life? I guess I also worry about someone being able to figure out who I am? I mean over the past year I am sure I have detailed an awful lot about my personal life.

Maybe it’s just that I am running out of things to talk about? I mean both of my favorite programs done for the season, and being too disenheartened to want to discuss world events.

Well don’t I sound boring! I am excited about the new year ahead, but I guess you wouldn’t know it to read this. I have decided resolutions are over rated this year!
Maybe I will make a wish list instead! Here’s my wish list for 2007:

Romance - meeting someone would be awesome. I guess I will have to put myself out there a little more.

Ok that’s it…that is all I really want in 2007! I have everything else I need!
Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Forgive me father for I have sinned. it has been a Loonngggggggg time since my last confession! Sorry, I seem to have neglected my blog for what appears to be quite some time now. I guess I have just come to realize that even though I thought the reason I started this blog was to vent my thoughts, I was also kind of looking to have some responses! Maybe make a new email friend and have someone to talk to. That just has not happened. Maybe my blogs are just too boring!

I am back into the full swing of things jogging, and doing crafts now from things I gathered over the summer. Every now and then I enter my stuff into art shows or craft sales. I make necklaces from wires and rocks, they are quite beautiful, and I also make funny signs with snappy sayings on them. It’s sort of my winter hobby. I am actually starting to think that I might even like to go back to work. I am just not getting the mental stimulation I need anymore. I need someone to talk to every now and then about what’s going on. I feel sort of silly ranting all of my opinions and thoughts on hear and never having any reply. We all want witnesses to our lives don’t we.
If I have inspired a response…feel free. I would love an ebuddy!

Friday, November 24, 2006

So I finally finished my Prison Break marathon. I am so in love with the two brothers. They are so hot. I would marry either one of them in a heart beat. On or off the TV show. I watched the special features part where Wentworth Miller says that the character is nothing like him in real life. I don’t care I would take him either way. There’s a little devil in there somewhere I just know. am so sad there is only 2 episodes left until the grand finale. I wonder how it will end? Do they start a new series right after that or what? I hope so. I am always so sad when I get addicted to a TV series and they come to an end. It used to be Friends, and I always wondered how I would live without that show, somehow I survived. Then it was Sex and the City. Now it’s Grey’s Anatomy and Prison Break.

I had an amazing run last night. I tried doing some speed work for the first time in forever! It felt good. I am using a heart rate monitor and a GPS and logging all my runs on my computer now. Who would have known that I was capable of such things!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I actually rented the entire first season of Prison Break. I could not tear myself away from the TV once I got started watching them. I am still not done. Guess what I am doing tonight?
I didn’t think they would be near as exciting as they were. I have two left to watch to catch me up to date. I did manage to get a great 15 km run in on Sat. It was super hilly, but I was still fast! My time was 2 mintues faster than my usual. I must have been relaxed or something. I felt great after. Like I was on fire again. I haven’t felt that way since before I twisted my ankle.

Lots of boring stuff in the news today, but nothing worth mentioning. Off to finish watching the last couple episodes before the real show comes on tonight!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I went to town today for a doctor's appointment and happened to see a copy of last weekends National Post. I am more of a Globe and Mail girl myself, but the headlines caught my eye. There was Richard McNair’s picture, 4 of them actually saying, “Have you seen this man”. There was a huge article on how he escaped custody 3 times and the how after the last time, he filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act to actually study how the police caught him. Isn’t that ingenious!

The National Post calls Richard McNair an “exclusive escape artist”, and say he is heading east in Canada. Oh…damn, why can’t he head west, we could use a little excitement here on the wet coast!

The National Post also said that after his last escape, his mother turned over a letter to police that her son had allegedly sent her from Texas. The other interesting thing the paper said was that Richard Mcnair had bought a cell phone in the name of Tim Shuetzle, he was apparently the warden from who’s prison Mcnair escaped from first. Too funny. He is taunting them for sure. They mention time and time again about how the general public should not consider Richard Mcnair a folk hero for evading police and state he is still a murderer! They make it sound like he kills everyone he comes in contact with!

One other clever thing the paper says he did was first somehow become an undercover drug officer for the police, while he was doing that, he stole a police radio, which he used to listen to while he was doing armed robberies so he knew how much time he had and where the police were. Now that is planning! The funniest part was the end of the story where the warden says that he hopes Richard McNair is having fun while he is out…. I wonder who really has the last laugh in this matter?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Well it’s official. I am going crazy after what seems like an eternity of resting my ankle. I am walking around just fine now, but it still hurts a bit, so I am going to give it a couple of more days to heal. The last thing I want to do is re sprain it! The good news is, I have had lots of time to catch up on my daytime tv, and cook! This week I made four pies from scratch. I had some apples, black berries, and huckle berries in the freezer, so I made an apple pie and two “bumble berry” pies. I just roasted a chicken in the end and had my neighbor lady up for dinner. The company was nice, but after 4 hours, I was ready to return to my normal routines.

This blog business seems to be getting really routine. I feel like I must be boring all of my viewers to death. That is assuming I have any viewers. I guess it’s not really supposed to be for anyone else’s benefit but my own anyway right? It just seems my whole writing style and energy has changed so much since I first started it. Now I seem to go on line and bitch about things, whereas when I read my blogs from last year I had so much more energy and was chatting about world events and news ect... I guess maybe I expected more input from other people.

Fall is so beautiful here. I love it when all of the leaves come down. I love scrunching through them when I run. It’s killing me not to be out there. Maybe that is why I am so sour this week. Of course it is. Maybe tomorrow I will walk my run route, just to get the exercise in but without the risk of injury…yes…that is what I will do. I feel better already.