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Saturday, December 31, 2005

It’s New Year’s Eve! I always really like this day because it means that another year has gone by and a new and exciting one is about to begin. I like to think of myself as an optimist and live in hope that things will always be better in the future. I know that we are meant to be in control of our own destiny but I think I believe in fate too. Sometimes people are just dealt shitty hands in life because of bad luck. Lots of times people do things they regret, and have to live with dire consequences for the rest of their lives.
Who knows, maybe this year I’ll meet someone new or at least make some new friends. Feel free to contact me if you are looking for an email buddy. I am not looking for an internet romance or anything, just someone to chat with every now and again.

I keep thinking about getting a job but then something stops me, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve become so used to my own company that I’m a little scared to go back out into the competitive employment market. I don’t think I lack confidence too much but at my age it’s a bit difficult to go out and compete with all the 20 and 30 somethings with years of higher education and degrees in computing science.

I guess I’m lucky that I don’t really need to work at the moment, I know that a lot of people would love to be in my position and be able to work from their homes, if and when they want to, but it can make me feel a bit isolated too. Plus, if I did get a real job I don’t know what kind of job I would get; it would have to be something active or outdoorsy, I couldn’t stand being stuck in an office or anything like that.

Maybe something in the tourist industry would be good, I could help out at one of the kayaking schools or be a tour guide on the fishing or whale watching boats. I just love the ocean so something like that would be perfect for me.

That being said, you may notice, that getting a job is not on my list of New Years resolutions for that reason; I don’t like to set myself up to fail.

So…..here’s the long awaited list of New Year’s resolutions for 2006.

Make at least one new friend this year.
Run at least 30-50 kilometers a week Or XC ski 60 km.
Learn a new skill (I’m thinking I might learn a foreign language or teach myself to cook a bit better – there’s not much use for gourmet cooking when you’re on your own but I have to plan for the future)
Get a new hobby (different to learning a new skill). I do love the ocean and often lake canoe but I realize lately that I would love to spend more time on the water so I might start kayaking again. There are lots of schools and clubs around here so it would be pretty easy to join one some time. Or I could go alone…time to dust off the boat!
Think about financial investment (boring but necessary). Maybe invest in some real estate in an island to the north of here. I’m going to talk to a financial advisor I think. I’m not very good with making big decisions, I need advise.
No alcohol (this one is on the list every year and always gets broken), or at least cut back when I do drink.
Meet some people of the opposite sex for friendship or otherwise. I know that this one sound a bit desperate but I am allowed to have some fun in my life!
Travel somewhere, maybe to the north. I have a fascination with Alaska despite never having been there.
Become more proficient in using the internet. This might help me with getting a job if I decide to do that, plus there’s so much on the internet that can enrich life that I want to explore as much as I can and hopefully get to know some people too.
Try to encourage others to be less cynical and suspicious of everyone, and to be less judgmental of those caught up in circumstance.

So that’s my list. I know that some of them sound a bit obscure but they all mean something to me.
Ok well it’s almost midnight in New York so I’m gonna watch the ball drop and go to bed, there’s no point in staying up until midnight here. I was gonna have a small glass of Bailey’s to celebrate the New Year but I guess I should give my resolutions a chance first.



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