Title>Still Waters Run Deep: Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Well so far no one has posted any comments on my page but I guess it’s a little early for that. I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog in the last couple of days and what I really want to use it for or what I want it to be about. It’s funny how keeping a type of diary makes you reflective and I think Christmas can do that too.

I’ve realized that because I don’t have any family around me and actually I have to admit that I have very few friends too, that the internet and this blog are really my only connection with “the outside world”. I’m not really a loner, or wasn’t always, you could say circumstances had forced me to live this way initially and now it’s just a habit that’s hard to break. I like my life. This is sort of like having someone to witness it, without really having someone at all!

Anyway, on a more positive note, it’s Christmas Eve so I’m treating myself to a glass of wine (or two) and watching trashy TV in my PJ’s. I don’t drink very often because I try to live a healthy lifestyle but as its Christmas I’m making an exception. I wonder if I’ll get any presents from Santa this year, unlikely but it’s nice to hope.

Anyway, I’m getting slightly the worse for wear and don’t want to sound miserable so I’m gonna sign off for tonight. Merry Christmas everyone!


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