Title>Still Waters Run Deep: January 2006

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I was reading the news today and came across an article about President Bush wanting to implement a law that everyone going into the states from Canada and vice versa has to have a passport. For some reason it made me really angry; people just seem to have fewer and fewer rights these days to live their lives as they want to without always being under the scrutiny of either the government, the police or so called do-gooders who spend their time prying into other people’s personal lives. I wish that those of us who want to be left in peace to enjoy our privacy and solitude could be allowed to do so; it’s one of the reasons I’ve never been to the states and never will either. My boyfriend was originally from the states and he hated it there in the end. He used to say he could remember a time when you could go into a store and they didn’t ask for your phone number or postal code, and when you could make a phone call knowing it wasn’t being listened to by the US government. I hate being just a stat or number to them.

My boyfriend and I lived a very private life. He’s gone now, but I still do, more out of habit because of him than because I have anything to hide. I know that some people would say that my boyfriend was a dubious character but those people didn’t know him like I did. He may have been different to what people would consider to be an upstanding citizen but he was strong, supportive, loving and very attentive and he never did me a single wrong. The events in his life that caused him to be judged so strongly by others were things that he had no choice in. Sadly societal pressure to conform can be too much for some people.
I know that Bob would have been proud of the way I continue to live my life and I also know that he would be happy for me if I met someone else and fell in love again. I only hope that some day I will but it will have to be with someone that I cherish and respect as much as him.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I went for a really long walk today around Cow Bay, it’s so beautiful in that part of the city and I just love to wander around looking at the shops and watching the boats in the dock. It was really quiet today because it’s not tourist season yet, plus, as usual, it was pretty cold and wet. I also found a really nice site which has lots of photo’s of Cow Bay and the surrounding area which I’m gonna put up on the blog. It’s funny how you take things for granted when you live in such a beautiful place but seeing the photo’s on this site makes me realize how lucky I am, now if only I had someone, even a friend, to share it with.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Well it’s another rainy day on the West Coast. This time of year is why we call it the “Wet Coast”, because it rains constantly here. I went out for a run first thing this morning and found another new trail; that’s one of the things I love about this area – there are so many hiking trails that I never get bored of the scenery or run the same route more than once a month. I saw an interesting track this am, I wonder who my new company could be! I will try to figure it out on the internet…

I bumped into a guy (literally) who was also out running and he gave me a smile. Maybe I’ll run the same route at the same time tomorrow and see if I see him again. He was just my type too!! He was tall, slim and athletic. I really don’t like men that don’t take care of themselves or who think that they shouldn’t work hard to stay looking good. I work hard to stay in shape, they should to! No one wants a slob!

My last boyfriend (who’s not around anymore) always believed that it was a man’s job to stay healthy and strong so he could take care of his woman; even when he was away from me, he kept himself in shape. It was him that got me into running really because he loved to run. I still miss him so much.

That being said, I was surprised how attracted to this man I felt today…..it’s been so long since I’ve been single or interested in a man, that I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like. It’s kind of exciting to feel that tingle in my stomach at the prospect of being with a man again. I can’t help feeling guilty because of the memory of my boyfriend. He’s been gone for over a year now, and I guess I should be moving on or I will loose my mind! We’ll see.

I’ve decided to put some links on my blog to some of my favorite places on the web. I hope that eventually, some people will put a link to my blog on their site and then I might be part of a circle of blogs.

I read about a new music site today called www.radiolibre.ca. It seems to be a bit like a radio search engine for Canada where you can download radio shows and channels and make your own music collection. I think you have to log in which I haven’t done yet but I’ll post my opinion on it when I’ve had chance to look at it properly.

Anyway, I’m gonna do the links on my page now so I’ll sign off for today.