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Saturday, March 11, 2006

I was browsing around the web today and came across the list of 99 most desirable women on a site called www.askmen.com. The number one most desirable woman is Adriana Lima (who I have never heard of), apparently she is a Victoria’s Secrets model which figures. Number two is also someone I’ve never heard of, Monica Belluci, a European model, in fact, out of the top 10, I’ve only heard of four of the women. I must be isolated!

Even though these women are physically perfect, it’s good for us mere mortals to know that they have their flaws too, Angelina Jolie is considered by some to be perfect and has exes all over the place, both male and female. Plus she used to carry a vial of her ex-husbands blood around her neck – not exactly ordinary. Soon she’ll be carrying Brad PITT’S baby around instead!

Also in the news and on a completely different topic, President Milosevic died in prison today. I would imagine his time in prison wasn’t the same as most people’s, I’ll bet he was treated much better than the regular inmates; it makes me so angry when I think about prisons and the way that the inmates are treated. What happened to rehabilitation! How are people supposed to rehabilitate when they are treated like animals! Anyway, I’m not going to get going on that topic today, I’ll save that for another day.

It’s still really cold here; it actually feels like it could snow today which would be a nice change from all the rain. I really love the freshly fallen snow, it makes everything look so clean and fresh, I always make the house all nice and warm and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows when it snows. I really should go in to the store later and get some milk. It’s funny, I’ve been using the same store for months now and still I don’t know anyone’s name and I still feel like a stranger every time I go in there. They ignore me, and I ignore them. I kind of like it that way. I don’t know if it’s just the world we live in today where everyone is suspicious of everyone else or if I just give off some kind of aura that makes people leave me alone, either way, it suits me just fine.

I didn’t get out for a run today either so I’m feeling kinda sluggish and restless, I wonder if I’m getting sick or something, I just feel a little run down today. Movie night instead!


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