Title>Still Waters Run Deep

Monday, March 20, 2006

It’s springtime. It is officially the first day of spring and of course, that means in Prince Rupert, it’s snowing. It has snowed for days now although today it’s slightly warmer and raining so the snow is turning to sludge.

I went out for a long run this morning along one of my favorite routes. I saw the cute guy again that I saw a few weeks ago. We were running toward each other on a narrow path and I stepped aside to let him to pass, he slowed down and said “thanks”. His voice was so nice and he gave that cute smile, then he kept on running and I stood and watched him for a while; then, he turned around and saw me looking at him! I was so embarrassed, I felt like a stupid teenager so I turned around and ran as fast as I could.

I’m sure he thinks I’m completely desperate and weird for staring at him. I think I’m gonna avoid that route for a while. I can’t decide how I feel, it’s nice to flirt with him but I’m sure he’s married because most men my age are and I could never make a move anyway because I really think that the man should make the first move, I’m kinda old fashioned that way.

I think I might go onto some of those adult dating sites later and have a look around. I’m really starting to feel that I could get back into a relationship with someone although it would have to be fairly casual and low key because I don’t want anything too full on either. A long distance relationship would be ideal. I don’t see myself living alone forever but I also don’t know if I could fully commit right now in the way the most people seem to want in a relationship.

Its spring, a time for new beginnings, adventure and romance!

Oh, I did get a couple of emails recently from people who had read my blog. I’m so happy about that although I wish people would feel free to post more comments too; if anyone does email me, I will definitely reply.


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