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Thursday, April 06, 2006

I have to confess that I’m kinda hooked on the Portsmouth Herald police site now. Did you read it yesterday Leah? Too funny. I’ve been checked them from time to time over the past few days and I’m just amazed at the types of things that people will report to the cops. I would never go to the cops to report anything that I can deal with myself! As far as I’m concerned they are mostly untrustworthy, self important, power thirsty morons who victimize people to justify their existence. Most of them have egos the size of Texas to boot! Bob was always very cooperative with them and yet they treated him with no respect at all. It’s the same with the courts and the prisons, no-one seems to have grasped the fact that if you lock a bunch of guys up together in tiny cages and treat them like animals; they just might behave like animals. It’s like mob behavior. Any one of those men one on one would likely be a perfect gentleman!

Bob really disliked prison but he saw it as an occupational hazard. He did make some great lifelong friends there, some of which I could turn to at any time. His friends were very loyal to him, way more loyal than most people I have ever met. They helped him out if he needed it, no matter what. I know that there’s a saying of “honor among thieves” but at least it shows a human side to people who would otherwise be just classed as criminals. Because I’ve seen the other side of life with someone who has done prison time I guess I’m a little more sympathetic to the people who end up in prison, many of them are just victims of circumstance or a bad upbringing and I think society should be a little more willing to help these people instead of locking them up and pretending they don’t exist or matter. There have so many funding cuts for essential services surrounding mental health issues, and the government makes so many of their programs inaccessible to those who can’t afford them. Like I said before I hate people who judge others by one or two mistakes. Mistakes are usually made because someone forces an action to be made that otherwise, without that force, most likely would never have been made…

I was reading a news article today about a guy in the states who has escaped from prison 3 times, including a top security prison. At first I thought “this guy is a genius” then I realized that if he really was a genius, he would be using his rare talent to make money as a celebrity doing magician-like escape stunts like David Blaine rather than gaining notoriety escaping from prison all the time. I’m curious though, how dumb are these guards that he can escape three times!


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