Title>Still Waters Run Deep

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So I finally got my act together and went on an overnight paddle. I was actually gone for almost a week! I got a little wet, but not too bad. I was so inspired by my last trip that I went down the coast to this place called Robson Byte, off Port Mac Neil, and paddled with the Orca killer whales! It was so cool. Very liberating! I’ve never really explored BC that much, and I thought it would be really nice to just go, and join a tour or not and visit some of the beautiful places in this province that I hear so much about. I just put my boat on my car, hopped on the ferry and off I went. I met some people from the states, two couples from New Orleans. They told me all about the floods. They were so nice, I ended paddling with them for several hours the first day, but did my camping alone. They were great company, but I did not want to risk being judged by them. I did not want to change my opinions of them so I thought I would make sure it ended on a good note.

Next trip I might go even further away and head up north toward the Yukon or take a cruise around Alaska, I dunno yet but I don’t want to waste my life sitting around waiting for something to happen. If it’s not kayaking I can take the animals with me. I read so many blogs and web sites and people are really out there living life and I think I should try and do the same. This last time I left the animals enough food and have a doggie door so they all come and go as they please anyways. I must admit I did miss them, but I think they know I need to get away more often than I have been. I was a little freaked on the ferry after the recent incident of one sinking, but I managed and obviously they are being extra careful now!

The weather is really picking up now too and I was getting a little tired of being stuck around the house all the time. Before kayaking, the only time I got out was for my daily run. I could have taken up gardening or something like that I guess which would get me outside a bit more but I could still keep my privacy, which I value immensely. I did not tell my fellow kayakers about my past relationships as I did not want to be judged, but desperately wanted the company going down the narrows as all my research said that it can get a bit tricky with all the currents and tides and of course the wind. I saw a few cruise ships at night. It was so amazing out there. I love the camp fire.

Oh, and thanks to the people who emailed me with good sites for downloading mp3’s, I managed to get some really good music which is great for when I’m running, I am so exhilarated lately, I never want to come back home now.


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