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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Well I’ve hardly slept these past few nights but I’ve decided to go and meet this guy and see what happens. What’s the worst thing that can happen? He turns out to be a rapist? It’s pretty unlikely that this guy is like that, he seems pretty moral and upstanding; I haven’t told him about my previous boyfriend yet for that reason, we’ll see how things go first.

I emailed him and asked him about the room arrangements and he’s going to arrange for us to have joining rooms so if I want my privacy and space I can have it but if I want to sneak in and be with him then he’s close by too. He seems so thoughtful and kind. That really is the best of both worlds. I am very excited.

When I asked him what I should wear, he seemed a bit surprised that I would ask and said that he wouldn’t dream of telling me what I should wear. I feel a bit embarrassed that I asked him now but Bob always had an opinion about my appearance and how he wanted me to look and it seems natural that a man should have an opinion on how he wants a woman to look. Shows how long I’ve been out of the loop! Anyway, I’ve made the decision and I feel good about it (mostly) so we’ll wait and see.

I can’t believe summer is almost here and I’ve only kayaked a few times. I may try to do an overnight trip when it dries up a little more. I always feel so guilty leaving the pets alone too many times for that long. But I think I have to for my own sanity! I feel like I’m stagnating here and I need to do something although I do feel quite happy with my life and I feel like this weekend date is a real step forward for me. The weather is improving although the rain is still almost continuous but at least it’s warmer.

I put another link on my blog today for the onion, a ‘news’ site which is a cleverly written site where the news is almost believable and based on current events but it’s all lies and sarcasm. It’s a really funny site and I’ve started reading it every day, it’s at www.theonion.com.

Well, it’s time to go for my run I think, I didn’t go out yesterday so I’m gonna try and run twice as far today, we’ll see how that goes. I bought myself an mp3 player the other day but I still haven’t been able to download music onto it, it would be great if someone could email me and tell me how to do it! Thanks :-)


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