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Friday, July 28, 2006

Wow! I am so saddened today by what I saw on TV last night. I was watching a special on Andrea Yates the woman from the states who killed all 5 of her children. I am so sad for her and how the system let her down. She already had four of her five children when her Dr. recommended that she not have any more. His rational for this recommendation was based on the fact that she already had severe post par dome, a condition that worsens with each bout. She got pregnant a fifth time, I presume this was because she is Mormon and likely not allowed to use birth control, and once again became inflicted with post par dome on an even more extreme level than in the past. The Physicians and Psychiatrist she was seeing at the time told her family not to let her be alone with her children as she may harm them, yet they still left her alone. She admitted to hearing voices and having violent thoughts, yet her family left her alone with her children for over an hour. Andrea Yates states she believed she had to “save” children from damnation, and therefore needed to send their soles to heaven. She truly loved her children and despite the fact that she knew she would miss them terribly she killed them. Not violently or disrespectfully, but in the most peaceful manner she knew how. I know this is a terrible and tragic set of events, but I believe the system let her down. If our hospitals weren’t so over crowded and understaffed, she never would have even been at home to care for her children, she would have been kept safe from harming herself or anyone else, and received the care she so obviously and desperately needed. I blame the government for the deaths of her children.
Now poor Andrea Yates who has finally been allowed access to proper treatment and care, lives in horror of what she has done to her family; a family that she obviously loved whole heartedly. The better she gets, the more aware she is of what a terrible thing it was she did. That must be a horrible existence; I wonder if her husband is still standing by her. He too must share in the responsibility of her actions.
Wow my run should be great today. I obviously have a lot of steam to blow off! In other news I was very surprised to hear from Dale, the fellow I met in Prince George. I think he is just lonely. I don’t mind being his friend, but I had to tell him again that I am not interested in a relationship with him. Our differences are just too great. He seemed to get the message this time. I don’t think he will be calling again!


Blogger Bob Souvorin said...

Hi S_M,
I stumbled across your writing about a week ago while just hitting “next blog: key. For some reason it opened on a post from last Christmas, and I book marked, left a silly comment and moved on.

As a writer and visual artist, your writing has haunted me (I have since discovered your more current writing), and after returning (without commenting) 3 or 4 times I have not yet figured out what draws me back. I think it finally hit me this morning.

There are lots of different styles of writing in blogs, and most people tell you far more than you ever dreamed of wanting to know about subjects in which you have minimal interest. A few offer insights, information or experiences that are unique and unusual, and there is both pleasure and information to gained by reading them. Some are visually interesting, some are boring, and there are even a few that are stunning or exciting in their artistic and literary presentation.

Back to you. I have decided, on one level, you offer seemingly straightforward stories about yourself your experiences, and your life. They are well written, and your own narrative ability makes them readable, and understandable. Your prose is not pompous or flowery, and it is easy to follow the different threads that you offer. I think what I find so intriguing is what you don’t offer – what you don’t say and what is not offered in the verbal dinner you present to your guests. Miss Mermaid, you don’t write stories or personal narratives, you offer enigmas.

I do not mean that in any negative way, and as a matter of fact, I am intrigued. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Often, especially while watching a film. You become aware that something unexpected, unanticipated, and probably bad, evil or disrupting is about to happen. What we see is the little girl walking along the path, the man about to unlock his car or the woman going downstairs to the washing machine with a load of laundry, but we know for a certainty there is more! Perhaps by the lighting, perhaps by camera angle, maybe by music or even “cut-away” shots we anticipate, we grab our armrests, for it is getting closer. We are waiting for the other shoe to drop!

To me, that is what your writing is all about – the unknown (or unknowable) mystery you have not yet shown us. It is there, your narrative bristles with the “foreshadowing”, and I want so badly to know what you are not telling us! I don’t know whether it is a tease, whether you are unaware of this quality, or just that you choose not to write in more personal depth than what has been offered. Obviously you are in charge of your own blog, and are a free agent. All I am saying is, that there is at least one reader out here in the cosmos that has been intrigued by what you say.

I have some further thoughts about this, but I certainly do not want to impose upon you. If you are interested in hearing more, drop me a line, either through my blog:
ArtQuest.blogspot.com/ where my e-mail is listed, or by adding a comment to this one on your blog.
Sorry for the long comment, Bob

7:55 AM


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