Title>Still Waters Run Deep: August 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wow I can’t believe it’s the end of August. Where did the summer go? I have been doing so much outdoors, yet the summer still seems to be slipping by so fast! I had the most amazing paddle last night. I just love being out on the water after everyone else has settled in for the night. Even if it’s raining it’s still so peaceful. I did my run super early this am. 5:45am! It was still a wee bit dark. It made me sad because I know fall is really coming. I actually had to wear a long sleeve shirt instead of my usual tank top. But for some reason I woke up just bounding with energy and wanted to get out there first off. I usually eat breakfast first, but I hear it’s better to run on an empty stomach anyway. That way you are burning more calories of fat as you are using yesterdays reserves. I am fortunate enough not to have to worry about that really anyway. I am quite conscious about keeping myself in good enough shape that I don’t carry anything extra. I just don’t feel comfortable with even an extra pound or too.

Oh my god, I am so sorry, I forgot to reply to my messages! But in all honesty I tried a couple times, but my stupid dial up was down. Bob I am so sorry I did not get back to you sooner. Today is the day!

So the interesting stuff in the media this week is mostly surrounding John Karr the US citizen who was incarcerated in Thailand, likely for child sex related offences; he claimed to have, “been with JonBenet when she died”, so naturally the US government spent resources flying him first class back to the US to stand trial for the murder. Apparently he was her tutor or something. Of course his wife states he did not commit the offence, so they can’t link him. She claims he was with her at the time of JonBenet’s death. It was a genius plan on his part really. Now he is free from the Thai prison he was in, didn’t even have to pay for his own flight home and authorities are now telling the world he is innocent! I have always thought it was her family that killed her. A jealous wife? An abusive father? I mean who lets or should I say forces their child parade around like a little child prostitute anyway? I recall the authorities saying there were signs of old sexual abuse on JonBenet’s body. How sad. I am not surprised John Karr was found to be unassociated. He’s just a guy who’s a little nuts, or a lot nuts, and saw an opportunity to gain his freedom. I can’t blame him for wanting that, unfortunately as I stated before I don’t think there is any rehabilitation for sex offenders, so I really don’t like hearing he’s been released into society again. It almost makes me crazy thinking about it. The best place for guys like him would have to be in prison where justice could be served by those most capable of serving it.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Well I think my hormones have calmed a bit. I did have one more dream about Richard McNair, but in my dream he was already with another woman. I am not one to steal someone else’s thunder, so out of respect for my own dignity, in my dream at least, I ceased to fanaticize about Richard. I haven’t heard of anymore sightings of him. I guess Richard McNair is well hidden these days. Wow the thought that he could possibly be in BC still thrills me to the core. Time for my run I think. Coco is driving me crazy. My runners have been brought to my computer desk in the past couple of minutes, so I guess the gang is waiting.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Prison Break trailer

Sound familiar?

I can’t believe how much that show “Prison Break” affected me. I actually had a dream about Richard McNair last night! I am not so sure that my new obsession with him is such a healthy one. I am unlikely to ever meet him. If the authorities ever caught up with him, he would surely be taken back to the United States and held somewhere where no one can visit him. Not like he would want a complete stranger from the west coast of Canada coming to meet him anyways. Starting up a relationship with someone who will likely have mass amounts of time added on to his already significant sentence would be very hard to deal with. Maybe I just need to get laid again. My hormones are going nuts these days and the battery operated boyfriend just isn’t cutting it these days!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wow I caught the last couple minutes of that show, “Prison Break” last night. What a scream! I LOVED IT! I will have to make that a regular show to watch. I have heard them advertising it on the radio. They have catchy ads so I decided to check it out for a couple minutes last night. I am usually not much of a tv buff, but I just had to look! Like I said, I only caught the last couple minutes as I was busy in the yard all day, but the show ends with these escapees running down a set of train tracks. It looked almost identical to the video of McNair meeting the cop. The one who was actually looking for him, and warned him that there was an escaped convict on the loose! I wonder where Richard McNair is now, living the real life version of “Prison Break”. They should hire him on as a consultant for show ideas, but I doubt that would allow him to remain free for long. Maybe he could write anonymously for the show as a way to make a living. There are lots of cops who get to be technical advisers. Why not a superstar like Richard?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Well I read the first 40 pages of my book last night! It looks like it is going to be a good read. I get so emotionally attached to all the characters. The little girl who is the main character in this book is the daughter of well to do parents and live in an affluent area of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. The family is forced to flee the city and live in the country during the civil war. Loung Ung is a powerful writer. I thought about her words as I ran this morning. What a harsh way to grow up. To have to live amongst such racism and discrimination must be a terrible feeling. It would literally destroy me as I am sure it has done so many people in the past.

I’m busy in the yard today. I have almost a half acre of lawn to cut. I have a riding mower, but it still takes some work. I like things to look natural rather than manicured, but still neat and kept. I like to gather drift wood for my fences and rounded stones from the rivers or ocean shore. I am so lucky to live in this area of the world. I never plan to move. If I ever marry, I hope my husband will fall in love with my home as much as I have. I would hate to have to give this all up. I would of course for the right man, but like I said, I hope the right man with fall in love with the lifestyle and home that I have created. I only hope he finds me soon. It seems a long time ago that Bob left me.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Well nothing too exciting going on this week. I’ve been catching up on my trail running. I have my best runs mid morning, after a nice sleep in and a few cups of home brew. I always eat breakfast, but just a light one, usually just a few pieces of fruit, because if I have too much in my stomach, I seem to drag all day. After my run, I eat a decent lunch. Lunch for me usually consists of homemade soup, with homemade bread, and a fresh salad from my garden. My vegetables are doing really well this year. Especially my lettuce, I put a fence up to keep the deer out of course, and all my compost goes right straight back into the garden. Dinner is usually fish from the local market, which is fresh off the docks of course, and potatoes from my garden or rice and boiled root veggies. I had some superb halibut last night. Tonight it’s salmon, tomorrow night scallops!

Nothing too exciting is going on in the news this week. Coco my dog is very agitated lately, so I suspect there is a bear around again. Last year a sow and her 2 cubs lived within a few miles of us. We only saw them once or twice, thankfully. I’m usually not too bothered by the extra company, but the animals are not so comfortable. I must admit I do get nervous when I see them take off into the bushes though, I am always wondering if they are going to make it back alive.

I just finished a great book called “The Kite Runner”. It’s about an Afghan boy and all the pressures of racism and war in Afghanistan that he went through. His father is a dictator type, a single parent and very harsh. He unfortunately puts so much pressure on his son to conform, that his son feels like a coward, and in some ways becomes one for many years. A real page turner, and definitely not a predictable plot line. I am just about to start a new one, “First They killed My Father”. I found them both at a used book store 2 weeks ago. Something to do in the sun when I am done my chores!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Wow I am stunned. My blog made the Vancouver Province! Shocking. I was looking through paper this morning, as I usually do, and amidst all the hoopla about the attempted terrorist activities, I saw an article on Richard McNair. It was just commenting about how the America’s Most Wanted airing had sparked tips of sightings of Richard McNair, all across Canada, but it also included comments from two people who were supporters of him. I was one of them! It’s amusing that just because I made a few comments about Richard McNair being a hottie and smart, the media labels my blog as being supportive. I guess I don’t really know all the details of his offences, but like I said before, I think the only reason Richard McNair is getting so much media is because he managed to escape 3 maximum security prisons. Everyone would have to agree that feat required genius! I really don’t want the local attention. I hope no one figures out who I am here! I prefer being anonymous. That was how Bob and I lived and that is how I hope to live with my next partner.

Seeing the media attention today made me look back at exactly what I had wrote, and I don’t regret what I wrote. However, I did notice that I had a comment from a few weeks ago! Who would have known? I had no idea that anyone actually read these things, well, besides me. Thanks for your comment Bob; I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I will send you an email later. I hope you haven’t given up on me!

I also went and checked out the wesawthat.blogspot.com. This is a site that you can go to and watch the video of Richard McNair getting stopped by the police. Be still my heart, he is smooth, so natural, and so confident; it is like he really truly was just out for a jog.

Today the weather is overcast, but it does look like the sun is going to peak through. I had a good run this am. I went a little faster than usual, but not as far. I think I did about 12 km, but it felt like 15 because I was really pushing it. I am checking in on the neighbors dogs while she is out of town. She too is a single woman, living with her animals and without all the confinements of urban life. We coffee back and forth about once a month and help each other with small or large favors while we are both single. Most people would say that seeing your only friend once a month is not really much of a social life, but we both prefer it that way, otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of why we live the way we do. Although we have never openly discussed this, I am sure she feels the same way. We don’t really have a lot in common except our lifestyles. She is not into running, or kayaking, but just the same, it is nice to have someone to call a friend, and to know they accept you just the way you are.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wow it’s been a while, sorry. I feel like I have neglected my blog. So much has gone on in this past while. First things first, so I don’t forget, I was out for a paddle in the Cow Bay area and took some nice shots of the harbor area. I had a request (via email) as I always rave about how beautiful Prince Rupert is. So here they are. Enjoy!!! I’ve been doing a far bit of paddling these days. I haven’t given up my running either. I am actually getting to be quit fit these days if I may say so myself.

Wow I could not believe America’s Most Wanted episode on Sat eve. They had a whole 10 minutes on Richard McNair! He is so sexy. The show started off with a helicopter view of Penticton, where Richard was last sighted. It seems the narrator's entire purpose now is to catch Richard McNair. She’s on a Richard McNair rampage! Surely to god there must be worse criminals out there who have done so much more as far as the criminal element than poor Richard McNair. I think the real reason they are making such a big deal about him is because he actually managed to escape from 2 maximum security prisons. I guess I can see why they are so intent on getting them back. Their ego’s are at risk! They should hire him back in loss prevention if and when he is caught! Richard McNair has proven to be smarter than most in the system from what I can see so far!

She referred to him as a “killer on the run” as she narrated from her America’s Most Wanted chopper flying over the Penticton area. It looked very beautiful there to by the way! I had to laugh though, I thought lady, you are more likely to see a bear from that chopper than spot the likes of Richard McNair out there. Even John Walsh described him as “smart and smooth”. I’ll say…

As it turns out, Richard McNair was spotted in Penticton because he once again evaded the police. I would also like to point out that once again it was WITHOUT violence.

The story that unraveled was that he had apparently sweet talked a night security guard in Surrey, BC, and convinced the security officer that he was a family friend of the owner of the dealership. He likely didn’t even know the owner I bet! Anyway, this security officer actually let him leave with a car!! Too funny. How dumb can you be! He must be feeling like total crap, but anyways. Good on Richard!
Anyway, a few days later, a citizen in Penticton ran the plate of the vehicle while McNair was still in it! A police officer came to check the situation out, and the fellow from inside ran from him. The officer said it was two days later, when he was watching America’s Most Wanted, that he realized it was Richard McNair!!! Richard McNair!!! He too must have felt so stupid to have just let him run off like that without any attempt to pursue him. Mind you, McNair likely would have out run him anyway. He would have such an advantage, being in good shape, and not sporting all the heavy gear the police have to wear!

The narrator, Michelle said she feels she is but one tip away from catching, Richard McNair. She refers to him as a “killer in the midst”.

The female cop working the file said Richard McNair is a master of disguise. She said he may be changing his identity every day. Too bad, he’s handsome the way he is! They even interviewed a fellow from Vancouver who was sure he saw Richard McNair riding the skytrain, dressed in drag! I personally don’t think he would draw that much attention to himself. But I don’t know everything.

Apparently in the car he was driving they found several self portraits on a digital camera he left behind. Perhaps Richard McNair was thinking of making himself some new identification. I am still so fascinated by his every move. I can’t help but wish he would show up in our area. This town could use the excitement of hosting a man like Richard McNair!!!

I am off, the trails are calling. Enjoy the day.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

God, how heart wrenching to watch the events of today unfold on television. On Sunday the media broke the story of Peter Whitmore who was suspected of kidnapping not one, but two young boys. The first was 14 year old Jordan Bruere of Winnipeg. He went missing close to two weeks ago. It is likely Whitmore befriended young Jordan, who went with him willingly. Typical behavior of a pedophile grooming his victims, he gives the often neglected child attention, support, love, and kindness in order to lure them into his playpen of horror. Bruere must have come from a derelict home environment, and suspected of just running away for the police to be that reluctant to call his disappearance abduction, despite the suspicion of him being in the company of a known pedophile. The police treated him only as a missing person until the disappearance of Zachary Miller from Whitewood Saskatchewan. Within short order, Whitmore somehow convinced Bruere to assist him in finding his next victim.

In Whitewood Saskatchewan, Bruere managed to befriend ten year old Zachary Miller, and most likely convinced him to come along with him and Whitmore willingly.

Thank god for the actions of Miller’s mother to take matters into her own hands and searched for her missing son until she found the clues she was looking for, her son’s abandoned bike, along with a bike suspected of being used by Bruere. Finally the police were taking the matter more seriously and a warrant was issued. Police made overt pleas to Whitmore to release the two boys unharmed, but most feared he would kill the two and attempt to cover his tracks. He had a history of “catch and release” with his former victims, but this time the police already knew of his offence before he was finished with his victims. This type of situation would be very stressful for Whitmore.

Today an astute farmer from Kipling did what likely every other responsible adult in the area was doing as well. He did his part to check a local abandon farm in his area. He had made note of the vehicle being used by Whitmore and went looking. He was such a brave man to check the farm, and may very well have saved the life of young Miller. This is yet another example of how the Canadian legal system has let the general public down. Whitmore was a four time convicted sex offender who was believed to have a 100% chance of re offending. Why he was not held in custody and deemed a dangerous offender is unfathomable. Sex offenders are the one type of criminal that I do not believe can be rehabilitated. The reason being, you can not choose your sexual orientation be it straight, gay, or in Whitmore’s case his interest in young children. No amount of cleansing by professionals can ever take away a person’s innate sexual desires. Sadly the only prevention of these types of offences is confinement.

I can’t help but feel sorry for sex offenders on at least some level. What a horrible life they must lead. Surely they know that what they fanaticize about is sinful. Their thoughts about the despicable acts of a sex offender are quite possibly the only commonality that both civilian and criminal populations share. Even in prison the sex offender is not safe from condemnation. Bob used to tell me stories about how sex offenders had to live in segregation for fear of massacre from the inside population. What a horrible existence. Too bad Canada does not have the death penalty. It is so expensive to house these untreatable offenders, but cruel to make them exist in such a world of confusion, fear eternal punishment.

With all this attention on Whitmore, I have heard nothing about the search for Richard McNair. I wonder about his whereabouts. I hope he is safe and finds himself another life peace. I often think of Richard McNair when I am kayaking or running. I think he would love it in my world.