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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

God, how heart wrenching to watch the events of today unfold on television. On Sunday the media broke the story of Peter Whitmore who was suspected of kidnapping not one, but two young boys. The first was 14 year old Jordan Bruere of Winnipeg. He went missing close to two weeks ago. It is likely Whitmore befriended young Jordan, who went with him willingly. Typical behavior of a pedophile grooming his victims, he gives the often neglected child attention, support, love, and kindness in order to lure them into his playpen of horror. Bruere must have come from a derelict home environment, and suspected of just running away for the police to be that reluctant to call his disappearance abduction, despite the suspicion of him being in the company of a known pedophile. The police treated him only as a missing person until the disappearance of Zachary Miller from Whitewood Saskatchewan. Within short order, Whitmore somehow convinced Bruere to assist him in finding his next victim.

In Whitewood Saskatchewan, Bruere managed to befriend ten year old Zachary Miller, and most likely convinced him to come along with him and Whitmore willingly.

Thank god for the actions of Miller’s mother to take matters into her own hands and searched for her missing son until she found the clues she was looking for, her son’s abandoned bike, along with a bike suspected of being used by Bruere. Finally the police were taking the matter more seriously and a warrant was issued. Police made overt pleas to Whitmore to release the two boys unharmed, but most feared he would kill the two and attempt to cover his tracks. He had a history of “catch and release” with his former victims, but this time the police already knew of his offence before he was finished with his victims. This type of situation would be very stressful for Whitmore.

Today an astute farmer from Kipling did what likely every other responsible adult in the area was doing as well. He did his part to check a local abandon farm in his area. He had made note of the vehicle being used by Whitmore and went looking. He was such a brave man to check the farm, and may very well have saved the life of young Miller. This is yet another example of how the Canadian legal system has let the general public down. Whitmore was a four time convicted sex offender who was believed to have a 100% chance of re offending. Why he was not held in custody and deemed a dangerous offender is unfathomable. Sex offenders are the one type of criminal that I do not believe can be rehabilitated. The reason being, you can not choose your sexual orientation be it straight, gay, or in Whitmore’s case his interest in young children. No amount of cleansing by professionals can ever take away a person’s innate sexual desires. Sadly the only prevention of these types of offences is confinement.

I can’t help but feel sorry for sex offenders on at least some level. What a horrible life they must lead. Surely they know that what they fanaticize about is sinful. Their thoughts about the despicable acts of a sex offender are quite possibly the only commonality that both civilian and criminal populations share. Even in prison the sex offender is not safe from condemnation. Bob used to tell me stories about how sex offenders had to live in segregation for fear of massacre from the inside population. What a horrible existence. Too bad Canada does not have the death penalty. It is so expensive to house these untreatable offenders, but cruel to make them exist in such a world of confusion, fear eternal punishment.

With all this attention on Whitmore, I have heard nothing about the search for Richard McNair. I wonder about his whereabouts. I hope he is safe and finds himself another life peace. I often think of Richard McNair when I am kayaking or running. I think he would love it in my world.


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