Title>Still Waters Run Deep

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Well I think my hormones have calmed a bit. I did have one more dream about Richard McNair, but in my dream he was already with another woman. I am not one to steal someone else’s thunder, so out of respect for my own dignity, in my dream at least, I ceased to fanaticize about Richard. I haven’t heard of anymore sightings of him. I guess Richard McNair is well hidden these days. Wow the thought that he could possibly be in BC still thrills me to the core. Time for my run I think. Coco is driving me crazy. My runners have been brought to my computer desk in the past couple of minutes, so I guess the gang is waiting.


Blogger Bob Souvorin said...

Hi Miss Mermaid,
I wrote you a comment about a month ago (end of July), explaining how intrigued I was by your mysterious writing style. I was heartened a couple of weeks ago that you had discovered my comment, and mentioned in your blog that you would be contacting me shortly in regard to what I wrote.
Woe! It was not to be! I have no wish to interfere with the "solitary" aspect of your screen name, so if you have reconsidered, and have decided not to respond, I will trouble you no longer. Good running! Bob

4:58 PM


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