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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Well nothing too exciting going on this week. I’ve been catching up on my trail running. I have my best runs mid morning, after a nice sleep in and a few cups of home brew. I always eat breakfast, but just a light one, usually just a few pieces of fruit, because if I have too much in my stomach, I seem to drag all day. After my run, I eat a decent lunch. Lunch for me usually consists of homemade soup, with homemade bread, and a fresh salad from my garden. My vegetables are doing really well this year. Especially my lettuce, I put a fence up to keep the deer out of course, and all my compost goes right straight back into the garden. Dinner is usually fish from the local market, which is fresh off the docks of course, and potatoes from my garden or rice and boiled root veggies. I had some superb halibut last night. Tonight it’s salmon, tomorrow night scallops!

Nothing too exciting is going on in the news this week. Coco my dog is very agitated lately, so I suspect there is a bear around again. Last year a sow and her 2 cubs lived within a few miles of us. We only saw them once or twice, thankfully. I’m usually not too bothered by the extra company, but the animals are not so comfortable. I must admit I do get nervous when I see them take off into the bushes though, I am always wondering if they are going to make it back alive.

I just finished a great book called “The Kite Runner”. It’s about an Afghan boy and all the pressures of racism and war in Afghanistan that he went through. His father is a dictator type, a single parent and very harsh. He unfortunately puts so much pressure on his son to conform, that his son feels like a coward, and in some ways becomes one for many years. A real page turner, and definitely not a predictable plot line. I am just about to start a new one, “First They killed My Father”. I found them both at a used book store 2 weeks ago. Something to do in the sun when I am done my chores!


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