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Friday, August 11, 2006

Wow I am stunned. My blog made the Vancouver Province! Shocking. I was looking through paper this morning, as I usually do, and amidst all the hoopla about the attempted terrorist activities, I saw an article on Richard McNair. It was just commenting about how the America’s Most Wanted airing had sparked tips of sightings of Richard McNair, all across Canada, but it also included comments from two people who were supporters of him. I was one of them! It’s amusing that just because I made a few comments about Richard McNair being a hottie and smart, the media labels my blog as being supportive. I guess I don’t really know all the details of his offences, but like I said before, I think the only reason Richard McNair is getting so much media is because he managed to escape 3 maximum security prisons. Everyone would have to agree that feat required genius! I really don’t want the local attention. I hope no one figures out who I am here! I prefer being anonymous. That was how Bob and I lived and that is how I hope to live with my next partner.

Seeing the media attention today made me look back at exactly what I had wrote, and I don’t regret what I wrote. However, I did notice that I had a comment from a few weeks ago! Who would have known? I had no idea that anyone actually read these things, well, besides me. Thanks for your comment Bob; I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I will send you an email later. I hope you haven’t given up on me!

I also went and checked out the wesawthat.blogspot.com. This is a site that you can go to and watch the video of Richard McNair getting stopped by the police. Be still my heart, he is smooth, so natural, and so confident; it is like he really truly was just out for a jog.

Today the weather is overcast, but it does look like the sun is going to peak through. I had a good run this am. I went a little faster than usual, but not as far. I think I did about 12 km, but it felt like 15 because I was really pushing it. I am checking in on the neighbors dogs while she is out of town. She too is a single woman, living with her animals and without all the confinements of urban life. We coffee back and forth about once a month and help each other with small or large favors while we are both single. Most people would say that seeing your only friend once a month is not really much of a social life, but we both prefer it that way, otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of why we live the way we do. Although we have never openly discussed this, I am sure she feels the same way. We don’t really have a lot in common except our lifestyles. She is not into running, or kayaking, but just the same, it is nice to have someone to call a friend, and to know they accept you just the way you are.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow lady you are off your freakin rocker!!! I can’t believe there are nut bars out there like you that actually fanaticize about loser’s like Richard McNair. You know he is a convicted murderer, yet you romanticize him. If he was in a Hollywood flick it would be a sad one as there is no hero in him! The sooner that freak is out of the woods, the sooner the children can go back out to play.

1:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Solitary Mermaid. I like the way you've stated your opinions. I
agree that people deserve a second chance. I too found happiness with
someone who had learned from her own misfortunes. Keep smiling. I look
forward to your articles.

9:13 PM


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