Title>Still Waters Run Deep

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wow I caught the last couple minutes of that show, “Prison Break” last night. What a scream! I LOVED IT! I will have to make that a regular show to watch. I have heard them advertising it on the radio. They have catchy ads so I decided to check it out for a couple minutes last night. I am usually not much of a tv buff, but I just had to look! Like I said, I only caught the last couple minutes as I was busy in the yard all day, but the show ends with these escapees running down a set of train tracks. It looked almost identical to the video of McNair meeting the cop. The one who was actually looking for him, and warned him that there was an escaped convict on the loose! I wonder where Richard McNair is now, living the real life version of “Prison Break”. They should hire him on as a consultant for show ideas, but I doubt that would allow him to remain free for long. Maybe he could write anonymously for the show as a way to make a living. There are lots of cops who get to be technical advisers. Why not a superstar like Richard?


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