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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wow it’s been a while, sorry. I feel like I have neglected my blog. So much has gone on in this past while. First things first, so I don’t forget, I was out for a paddle in the Cow Bay area and took some nice shots of the harbor area. I had a request (via email) as I always rave about how beautiful Prince Rupert is. So here they are. Enjoy!!! I’ve been doing a far bit of paddling these days. I haven’t given up my running either. I am actually getting to be quit fit these days if I may say so myself.

Wow I could not believe America’s Most Wanted episode on Sat eve. They had a whole 10 minutes on Richard McNair! He is so sexy. The show started off with a helicopter view of Penticton, where Richard was last sighted. It seems the narrator's entire purpose now is to catch Richard McNair. She’s on a Richard McNair rampage! Surely to god there must be worse criminals out there who have done so much more as far as the criminal element than poor Richard McNair. I think the real reason they are making such a big deal about him is because he actually managed to escape from 2 maximum security prisons. I guess I can see why they are so intent on getting them back. Their ego’s are at risk! They should hire him back in loss prevention if and when he is caught! Richard McNair has proven to be smarter than most in the system from what I can see so far!

She referred to him as a “killer on the run” as she narrated from her America’s Most Wanted chopper flying over the Penticton area. It looked very beautiful there to by the way! I had to laugh though, I thought lady, you are more likely to see a bear from that chopper than spot the likes of Richard McNair out there. Even John Walsh described him as “smart and smooth”. I’ll say…

As it turns out, Richard McNair was spotted in Penticton because he once again evaded the police. I would also like to point out that once again it was WITHOUT violence.

The story that unraveled was that he had apparently sweet talked a night security guard in Surrey, BC, and convinced the security officer that he was a family friend of the owner of the dealership. He likely didn’t even know the owner I bet! Anyway, this security officer actually let him leave with a car!! Too funny. How dumb can you be! He must be feeling like total crap, but anyways. Good on Richard!
Anyway, a few days later, a citizen in Penticton ran the plate of the vehicle while McNair was still in it! A police officer came to check the situation out, and the fellow from inside ran from him. The officer said it was two days later, when he was watching America’s Most Wanted, that he realized it was Richard McNair!!! Richard McNair!!! He too must have felt so stupid to have just let him run off like that without any attempt to pursue him. Mind you, McNair likely would have out run him anyway. He would have such an advantage, being in good shape, and not sporting all the heavy gear the police have to wear!

The narrator, Michelle said she feels she is but one tip away from catching, Richard McNair. She refers to him as a “killer in the midst”.

The female cop working the file said Richard McNair is a master of disguise. She said he may be changing his identity every day. Too bad, he’s handsome the way he is! They even interviewed a fellow from Vancouver who was sure he saw Richard McNair riding the skytrain, dressed in drag! I personally don’t think he would draw that much attention to himself. But I don’t know everything.

Apparently in the car he was driving they found several self portraits on a digital camera he left behind. Perhaps Richard McNair was thinking of making himself some new identification. I am still so fascinated by his every move. I can’t help but wish he would show up in our area. This town could use the excitement of hosting a man like Richard McNair!!!

I am off, the trails are calling. Enjoy the day.


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