Title>Still Waters Run Deep

Monday, September 18, 2006

Fall is in the air. It is so obvious around here these days. The leaves are all turning, and it’s dark so late in the morning. I find myself naturally sleeping later and later each morning. I have turned into a wee bit of an evening television buff though, so it’s not like I am sleeping around the clock, just staying up later than I used to. The change is sort of nice.

I used to be such an early morning riser, but there is a certain pleasure in sleeping in as well. It’s not every night, but definitely Tuesdays and Friday’s for sure. Lately I have started watching the evening news versus the early morning news. The stories seem so much more in depth. In the morning, depending on what channel you watch, there seems to be so many weather and traffic reports. That stuff is all just fluff to me. At least at night I am getting the full content of the news.

Some times I find the news such a reality check. When they talk about the situation in Afghanistan, you can’t help but think about what life must be like over there. It is sad that we have come so accustomed to killing in the name of our political figure heads. If they all hate each other so much, why don’t they just hunt and kill each other! That would keep them a lot more honest. Really it is such a simple concept, if they had to be the ones paying there own dues, if they were the ones to be held accountable for their own actions, and not just in the sense that they may lose votes; if they had to be held morally and physically accountable for their acts of injustice they might not occur. Why do innocent young brainwashed soldiers have to die for these lying cowards? I'm sure that is a question we all ask ourselves. Tell me what you really think?


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