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Thursday, September 07, 2006

I guess when you chose a life of solitude, like I have, it’s a little more normal to have heightened stimuli to abstract things. Yes, I am talking about ‘Prison Break’ again. The fact that the two main characters, two very sexy brothers are both innocent makes their purpose just that much sexier. The bond between these two brothers and the way they risk their lives for one another and their trust in each other goes way beyond anything you ever see between women. Talk about sex appeal. Not to mention the planning that has gone into their escape!!! I wonder if Richard McNair had to plan his escape half as much, or if an opportunity just sort of arose and he took it. I suspect he did have to plan, but of course the jails would be stupid to glamorize that part of the story as it would just make them look bad.

Curiosity got the best of me again last night after the show and I googled the news groups to see if there had been any sightings of Richard. There was one from Ocean City, under a title of, “The Good the Bad and The Ugly”!!! I don’t think it was a legit sighting. I am not sure where Ocean City is, but it must be in the US and Richard McNair is not likely to have gone back over the border where he is such a hot item. I wonder if there are bounty hunters after him, and a reward offered for his arrest like there is for the prison break characters. No amount of money…

Last night on the news they talked about Jerry Ambrozuk again, the fellow who lived in Texas for 24 years under a fictitious identity. He even started up a software company. They say he was in a rented airplane and told friends that he and his 18 year old girlfriend had staged a crash so they could elope and live anonymously in the US. Apparently Jerry claims that once they landed in the lake his girlfriend’s seat belt jammed and he was unable to get her free. Divers later determined that her seat belt was not jammed, and that money etc., was missing from the plane. If it wasn’t an accident, how did he get her to stay in her seat belt? Maybe he drugged her. That is likely a detail we are not meant to know. I suspect something just went wrong though and he panicked. He has likely been living with the fear and horror of his mistake ever since the day it happened.


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