Title>Still Waters Run Deep

Sunday, September 24, 2006

So it's midnight and for some reason I can't sleep. This never usually happens to me. Sometimes with the changing of the season I get a little antsy, that must be the case tonight. I can't believe it's fall already. I am sort of saddened by this. Winter is coming and I have no man to keep me warm. I know my chances of meeting someone in the winter are slim to none since I rarely get out in the summer months, let alone the winter. Maybe I should consider taking a class or something. There is a community college fairly close to where I live, but what would I take? Something just for interest sake I guess. I will consider this. I don't like being alone for too long, but on the other hand, I just hate meeting too many people. Too many people wanting to get to know you. I know, its funny how that works. Maybe I could take a class on line, just to have the communication without all the other B.S.? Now there's an option.


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