Title>Still Waters Run Deep

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Well I was up early for my morning run this morning, and it sucked. I came home soaking wet. I should have stayed in bed a little longer. It seems more like it was a movie morning than an early morning run day. I must learn not to ignore my instincts in this category. Balance is good. Sometimes you have to just rest the beast! Speaking of movies, I can wait until Monday night for the next episode of Prison Break. I have sort of told myself that Monday, after Prison Break is the only time I am allowed to check Google news for any Richard McNair sightings, otherwise, I think I could easily become a stalker! Lol. Unless of course I hear of something in the news, but I am not going to do my usual Google search until Monday night.

It’s interesting to do Google searches. Do one on yourself, or even better, go to the search engine www.dogpile.com. It compiles all the search engines around and does a composite search. It’s pretty cool to see what is out there on yourself. For me there was not a lot. A few others with my name of course, unfortunately I am not unique in my name.

Well the weather is so iffy this weekend, I am not going to get to finish staining my fence. I hate that. When I have an objective in mind, I like to stick to it, and finish it, mother nature is testing my patience. I guess patience is something I obviously need more of.


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