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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I went to town today for a doctor's appointment and happened to see a copy of last weekends National Post. I am more of a Globe and Mail girl myself, but the headlines caught my eye. There was Richard McNair’s picture, 4 of them actually saying, “Have you seen this man”. There was a huge article on how he escaped custody 3 times and the how after the last time, he filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act to actually study how the police caught him. Isn’t that ingenious!

The National Post calls Richard McNair an “exclusive escape artist”, and say he is heading east in Canada. Oh…damn, why can’t he head west, we could use a little excitement here on the wet coast!

The National Post also said that after his last escape, his mother turned over a letter to police that her son had allegedly sent her from Texas. The other interesting thing the paper said was that Richard Mcnair had bought a cell phone in the name of Tim Shuetzle, he was apparently the warden from who’s prison Mcnair escaped from first. Too funny. He is taunting them for sure. They mention time and time again about how the general public should not consider Richard Mcnair a folk hero for evading police and state he is still a murderer! They make it sound like he kills everyone he comes in contact with!

One other clever thing the paper says he did was first somehow become an undercover drug officer for the police, while he was doing that, he stole a police radio, which he used to listen to while he was doing armed robberies so he knew how much time he had and where the police were. Now that is planning! The funniest part was the end of the story where the warden says that he hopes Richard McNair is having fun while he is out…. I wonder who really has the last laugh in this matter?


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