Title>Still Waters Run Deep

Thursday, October 05, 2006

So I did my usual Monday night ritual of watching Prison Break and then searching the net for info on Richard McNair. It’s not that I am that obsessed with him. I just like the show and it always reminds me on him when I watch it. The show was great as usual except one of the boys dies. At least I presume he dies, he is left with three bullets in his chest at the end of the show. It’s very sad. He is shot by a dirty cop because he wouldn’t rat out his friends. The two brothers separated as one got scared about spending too much time in the house. The other boys found the millions they were looking for. That should make the show interesting!

So anyway, when I searched for Richard McNair, there had been some possible sightings in the Flin Flon and Portage area in Manitoba. The article I read said that he was a police informant at one time. I did not know that. I will be watching the news closely again for a few days to see if he is located. I am starting to have mixed feelings about him. The news said some pretty awful things about him. I’m not sure if they are true. I think the police and media some times make things up to deter the general public from assisting them.


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