Title>Still Waters Run Deep

Friday, October 20, 2006

Well it’s official. I am going crazy after what seems like an eternity of resting my ankle. I am walking around just fine now, but it still hurts a bit, so I am going to give it a couple of more days to heal. The last thing I want to do is re sprain it! The good news is, I have had lots of time to catch up on my daytime tv, and cook! This week I made four pies from scratch. I had some apples, black berries, and huckle berries in the freezer, so I made an apple pie and two “bumble berry” pies. I just roasted a chicken in the end and had my neighbor lady up for dinner. The company was nice, but after 4 hours, I was ready to return to my normal routines.

This blog business seems to be getting really routine. I feel like I must be boring all of my viewers to death. That is assuming I have any viewers. I guess it’s not really supposed to be for anyone else’s benefit but my own anyway right? It just seems my whole writing style and energy has changed so much since I first started it. Now I seem to go on line and bitch about things, whereas when I read my blogs from last year I had so much more energy and was chatting about world events and news ect... I guess maybe I expected more input from other people.

Fall is so beautiful here. I love it when all of the leaves come down. I love scrunching through them when I run. It’s killing me not to be out there. Maybe that is why I am so sour this week. Of course it is. Maybe tomorrow I will walk my run route, just to get the exercise in but without the risk of injury…yes…that is what I will do. I feel better already.


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