Title>Still Waters Run Deep: November 2006

Friday, November 24, 2006

So I finally finished my Prison Break marathon. I am so in love with the two brothers. They are so hot. I would marry either one of them in a heart beat. On or off the TV show. I watched the special features part where Wentworth Miller says that the character is nothing like him in real life. I don’t care I would take him either way. There’s a little devil in there somewhere I just know. am so sad there is only 2 episodes left until the grand finale. I wonder how it will end? Do they start a new series right after that or what? I hope so. I am always so sad when I get addicted to a TV series and they come to an end. It used to be Friends, and I always wondered how I would live without that show, somehow I survived. Then it was Sex and the City. Now it’s Grey’s Anatomy and Prison Break.

I had an amazing run last night. I tried doing some speed work for the first time in forever! It felt good. I am using a heart rate monitor and a GPS and logging all my runs on my computer now. Who would have known that I was capable of such things!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I actually rented the entire first season of Prison Break. I could not tear myself away from the TV once I got started watching them. I am still not done. Guess what I am doing tonight?
I didn’t think they would be near as exciting as they were. I have two left to watch to catch me up to date. I did manage to get a great 15 km run in on Sat. It was super hilly, but I was still fast! My time was 2 mintues faster than my usual. I must have been relaxed or something. I felt great after. Like I was on fire again. I haven’t felt that way since before I twisted my ankle.

Lots of boring stuff in the news today, but nothing worth mentioning. Off to finish watching the last couple episodes before the real show comes on tonight!