Title>Still Waters Run Deep

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Forgive me father for I have sinned. it has been a Loonngggggggg time since my last confession! Sorry, I seem to have neglected my blog for what appears to be quite some time now. I guess I have just come to realize that even though I thought the reason I started this blog was to vent my thoughts, I was also kind of looking to have some responses! Maybe make a new email friend and have someone to talk to. That just has not happened. Maybe my blogs are just too boring!

I am back into the full swing of things jogging, and doing crafts now from things I gathered over the summer. Every now and then I enter my stuff into art shows or craft sales. I make necklaces from wires and rocks, they are quite beautiful, and I also make funny signs with snappy sayings on them. It’s sort of my winter hobby. I am actually starting to think that I might even like to go back to work. I am just not getting the mental stimulation I need anymore. I need someone to talk to every now and then about what’s going on. I feel sort of silly ranting all of my opinions and thoughts on hear and never having any reply. We all want witnesses to our lives don’t we.
If I have inspired a response…feel free. I would love an ebuddy!


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