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Thursday, January 18, 2007

So I was looking on google news today for something interesting, I know it’s been so long since I wrote. There is a proposal to do a movie about Richard McNair! That is so wild. Richard McNair! A movie star! Who would they get to play him? It would have to be Harrison Ford of course! No one else could pull off the sexy sultry look like Harrison! I love him too!
How can they do a movie though, when no one will know how it ends right now? And it’s not like they have Richard McNair around to ask for his account of his life’s events! That would be too funny! Poor Richard would be fuming if they portrayed him wrong! Which they of course would! But what could he do? Hire a lawyer to sue them? I think the FBI would likely take that chance just to catch him!
I thought I was excited about Prison Break starting up again! It’s seems so long I have actually stopped fanaticizing! I can’t wait. Maybe they will have prison break followed by the Richard McNair show on Monday nights! Too funny.

What is up with this weather? A few weeks ago I saw the devastation that took place in Stanley Park in Vancouver; tonight they said the West Coast Trail will not open in time. That is such a worry to us West coasters! Global warming is very scary! Crops in California ruined by ice! Not just frost, ice! Wouldn’t it be funny though if all the places like Hawaii and Jamaica suddenly got Canada and Alaska’s weather and we got there’s! Everyone in Alaska would be leaving there cars on all night to make it happen faster and everyone in Jamaica would be banned from using anything even remotely environmentally unfriendly!

Off for my run!


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